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What are your fees?
Fees vary depending on the type of case and the facts of your case. For Example, an Uncontested Divorce is a different fee than a contested Divorce and whether there are kids, property, or other issues are all relevant to determining the fee. In general, we have three fee types: 1) Flat fee 2) contingency fee 3) hourly fee.

What is a flat fee?
A flat fee is used in most uncontested issues where we are able to determine the amount of work needed to complete the case. You will only pay the rate you are quoted.

What is a contingency fee?
On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery we get for you; no recovery, no fee. We typically use this structure in all Personal Injury cases. The law forbids us from using it in all areas of practice i.e. Family Law cases cannot be based on a contingency fee.

How does the hourly fee agreement work?
When we take a case based on an hourly fee agreement we typically require that the client pay a retainer fee. A retainer fee is simply an upfront payment for the work that is to be performed. Each month the client will receive a bill that reflects the amount of hours that has been put into their case. Once the number of hours worked exceeds or approaches the number of hours the retainer covered then the client will be asked to make additional payments. A contested case is usually unpredictable and an Attorney cannot give an 100% accurate estimate of how long your case will take or how much it will end up costing.

What is a contested case?
A case is contested when opposing parties fail to agree on all issues.

What is an uncontested case?
An uncontested case can be either: 1) when all parties agree on all issues or 2) the opposing party fail to show up in court and a Default is allowed.

Do you offer payment plans?

How much does a consultation cost?
Only $30 for a 30-minute consultation.

Are you open on Saturdays?
Yes, we are open every other Saturday from 9am-1pm. We understand that our clients work a lot during the week, so we wish to accommodate them by being open on some Saturdays.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards at no additional cost when you come into the office.

Can I divorce my spouse when I do not know where they are?
Yes, this is called a divorce by publication. As long as you can establish that you made a good faith effort to locate your spouse then we can help you divorce your spouse.

What if my spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers?
It is not required that your spouse sign the divorce papers. There are ways that you could still be divorced even when one spouse disagrees with the divorce.

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